Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh Martha

Even though I don't have one or more country home(s), a greenhouse, farm animals and a full staff, I still enjoy reading Martha Stewart's blog. Some of her posts have the funniest titles - My New Coldhouse! and My Farrier, for example, but she is so earnest about it all. I can't tell if her readers are wealthy people with similiar interests, or people who read the blog because they love Martha and are truly interested in everything about her and/or aspire to have her lifestyle.
I started reading the blog because I really do admire Martha Stewart and I thought the blog would be more about her inspirations and creative process and not so much about what goes on at her home(s). I like it when she blogs about her travels and her daughter - who I saw on Oprah and really enjoyed. I remember being a teenager and reading about Alexis Stewart taking over a hotel in the Hamptons. I was very jealous.

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