Thursday, March 20, 2008


I forgot my camera! So I have no photos. None. Oh well. I kind of didn't mind that I didn't have my camera because it is big and bulky and a pain to carry on a hike. But I don't have any photos. we need to buy a smaller camera.
We spent two nights at the Deer Haven Inn and Suites in Pacific Grove, CA. It was a very basic motel and if anyone was standing near the front door you could hear everything he said, but it had a fireplace and was pretty much clean and cheap, so it did the trick. Pacific Grove is between Monterey and Carmel, which was a perfect location.
We arrived on Sunday night and went to eat at the Monterey Fish House. We had been there before on our first trip to Monterey and B remembered the oak grilled oysters very fondly. Unfortunately they were out of oysters on Sunday night, so B ordered the baby octupi special and cioppino, both of which he loved. I had the special tuna steak, prepared blackened, which was excellent. B still wanted oysters, so we decided to come back then next night as well. The Monterey Fish House is small and always crowded. It is also understaffed, but the people are really nice and you can eat at the bar. I highly recommend it.
Monday morning we got up, ate the free breakfast at the hotel and then headed to Andrew Molera State Park for the eight mile hike loop. We had to cross the river on foot because the bridge doesn't go in until late Spring. It wasn't too bad and B had a towel, which made things easier. The hike was beautiful and not too strenuous, but still an excellent work out.
After the hike we tried to have burgers at the Big Sur Bakery, but it doesn't serve food on Mondays. So we headed to the Big Sur River Inn. The location was scenic, right along the river, and the weather was perfect for sitting out on the deck and eating. The food, however, was just okay and I couldn't use the lettuce they gave me with my burger because it had bugs on it! Yuck.
That night we ate again at the Monterey Fish House and B finally got his oysters. I had the tuna again. Yum.
We spent the next day wondering around Carmel. I love that town and would love to rent a place for the week there some Summer. That area is really one of my favorite places in the world. I love the hills, the cliffs, the ocean and the Cypress trees. Just gorgeous. I wonder how crowded it gets in the Summer.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Things I Was Supposed to Do

Order Tastebook - done! And I found a coupon for $10 off. Excellent!
Order 150 prints from Kodak Gallery while they are having a sale (use coupon GETPRINTS) - done! I have so many pictures that I need to order and then put into albums. This offer comes around every so often and I have yet to take advantage of it.
Going to Uncle Bill's Pancake House tomorrow for the first time. Then we are off to Carmel/Monterey/Big Sur for a few days. Yay!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I do not have a thyroid problem. Or so says my blood test. This is good news. But I am bothered by it because I read all of the symptoms of having hypothyroidism and decided that I had it. Being medicated for it was going to solve all of my problems.
But no. I do not have it and I am just going to have to try harder to loose weight and have more energy and all that other stuff. Which sucks.
In other news, why do the wives of idiot politicians have to stand up there with their husbands? Can't they just stay home or go out of town? We would all understand. I know other people are talking about this, but I haven't heard any good explanation for it. They don't make their husbands look good. They make women look bad.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Little Bird Bandwagon

I jumped on the bandwagon and purchased a bird from Ann Wood Handmade. I signed up to be notified by email when new birds went on sale and then kind of forgot about it, so I was very excited when I received an email letting me know new birds were available. I bought one right away because they sell out pretty quickly. Then I had some buyer's remorse because it is kind of a lot to spend on a little bird.
I received my bird today. Her name is Louise. I am very happy with my purchase and I might have to make another one when I get a chance.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Small Veins

I went to have a blood sample taken today because apparently I might have something wrong with my thyroid. I didn't really think too much about it because I've had blood taken before and it is no big deal. My doctor sent me a form to present to the people at the Quest Diagnostics Center, I found the closest location and off I went.
When I got there, the lobby was very full. It was mostly elderly Spanish speaking and Asian people, with a few children and then about three people my age. A very nice man offered me his seat, but I refused and sat down on the floor to wait. He wouldn't go back to his seat, so another woman took it.
I waited for about twenty minutes when they called the name of a boy who looked about 9-years-old. Soon after he entered and the door shut behind him, all sorts of yelling and screaming began. You could hear clearly everything that was happening. The nurse was telling him that he had to calm down or they were going to have to tie him down. I felt really bad for the boy, but I felt even worse for the poor little kids who were waiting their turns in the lobby. I can only imagine what they thought they were in for!
They must have tied the poor boy down, because he started yelling at the nurse and calling her stupid. Then he claimed he couldn't breathe. Then, finally, he yelled out, "Oh Lady, what are you doing to me? What have you done to me?" It was so plaintive and sad. Everyone in the lobby looked at each other and burst into laughter. We all felt so bad for the boy and also for the kids in the lobby.
Soon the boy came out from the office and was walked out with his mother. The nurse called the next patient, who happened to be a five-year-old boy, and, of course, the boy started to freak out. He came back out quickly enough, however, his face was tear stained, but he didn't put up half the fight as the first boy.
When it was my turn, I was told that I had tiny veins and, after the first nurse stuck me twice and had no success finding a vein, I had to wait for the other nurse to do it because she apparently was better at finding veins. This is the same thing that happened when the doctor was trying to find a vein to put me under for my wisdom teeth removal. How come the lady at the doctor's office has no problem? I come from a long line of small veined, low blood pressure, poor circulation ladies.
So now I have to wait and see if my thyroid is under active. I kind of hope it is, because that would explain a lot. At the same time, I am concerned because my aunt has this problem and she also developed MS when she was older.