Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Ending

I can't believe summer is almost over for me. When I got my job I felt as though it would never really begin, but I have spent most of the last three weeks in my room, trying desperately to get it to resemble a first grade classroom and not a giant pile of rubble. I don't get paid to work until the 25th, but such is the life of a teacher.
We are taking a mini vacation today, just B, Ace and me. It is to make up for all of the time we spent with B's family, which we have recognized to have been a big mistake. We are going to work on really limiting the amount of time we spend with them from now on and work on asserting ourselves more when around them. Although, I do try to assert myself around them and find that I am often ignored or simply placated and they go ahead and do what they want anyway.
We are also planning our next summer vacation, which will be a week in Cape Cod. I mentioned it to some friends and it seems as if they are interested in joining us. It could either be a lot of fun or a giant head ache, but I am willing to give it a shot. I invited my brother and B's sister first, but neither can make it.
Ace is doing well these days, except that he is acting a little nutsy today. I keep thinking that he must be teething again, but I am not sure. We got a note from his daycare, where he is now attending three days a week full time, that he has been squeezing other children who get in his way. I know what they are talking about because he does this to me and yesterday I had a terrible parenting moment where I squeezed back. I felt terrible, but I tried to make up for it with apologies and kisses. He is starting to understand the concept of a time out, so I now have that weapon at least!