Monday, May 2, 2011

Back from the Darkness

Well, returning to work certainly kicked my tush! I have never been so tired in my whole entire life. And I only have 8 students! I really feel awful that I didn't take time to write this year, there has been so much that has happened. Let's just say that I am very happy that I went back to work, that things eventually settled down and worked out and that next year I am working four less hours a week so that I can do things with my son and not feel anxious about what I am not doing for school.
I decided today that the school year is basically over. We just got back from Spring Break and I was looking at the calendar and we have the rest of this month, plus two and a half weeks and then we are done. During this time my class has three field trips, a visit from the seniors from the senior living facility that we have been visiting, a thing called generations day and then I'm sure there will be time given to a special First Grade Consecration that takes place.
I am going to do a mammals unit and read then The BFG and Charlotte's Web (If I get to that one) and then that's it! Yay!
June 17th is the last day and we fly out that night to spend a week on Cape Cod, following a friend's wedding. I am so excited!
Happy to be back to writing.