Friday, April 30, 2010

I Have a Toddler!

Today Ace became a walker! I had seen him take a few steps before and was encouraging him to be aware of it by asking him to move his feet when he's standing. Today he was standing and I said, "step, step, step!" and moved my feet. He giggled and took a few steps. I was thrilled, so he, of course, wanted to do it again.
The sad part is that B is on a business trip. So I ran to get the Flip so I could record the momentous event.
Another thing that happened today was that I squatted down by Ace's feet to tickle his toes while he was in his high chair and when he giggled, I looked up and saw a giant tooth coming through on his left upper gums. Wow, that explains the screaming and generally unpleasant behavior the last week or so. I am so glad that we gave him the infant Motrin those few times that we did. I kind of wish we'd given him more. It is quite the tooth! I am still rooting for his lower left to come in so that he can have an even four, instead of the three that he is sporting.
I took him by the day care center that he is starting on Tuesday and I was again so pleased by it. The teachers are so nice, the setting is relaxed and the children seem very happy. Ace took off from me to play and seemed right at home, so hopefully things will go well. I have to read through the parents' manual and buy whatever it is that Ace needs while he is there. I am also thinking of going to Target to buy some sweatpants and things like that so I won't care if what he wears gets ruined. I just read that Old Navy is having a sale, so maybe that is where I should go.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Week by Myself

This week it has just been me and Ace. B is on a business trip until Sunday. Monday and Tuesday I spent with my mom on the other side of town. Ace slept like a champ Monday night. He must have loved the Packn'Play. I was glad to see that because he is staying with my mom and sleeping at her place when we go on vacation in a few weeks.
Yesterday and today I was on my own with Ace, but we had very full days, so I didn't really have time to think about anything. Today was much slower than yesterday, but I kept us busy.
We spent some time at the indoor play space at the mall today and I was pretty surprised by how some parents do not intervene when their kids act like jerks toward other kids. I watched a crew of kids, too old to be in the play area really, run around and knock the same toddler boy over twice. When they ran by me and Ace, I gathered my courage and asked them to please slow down because there were babies around. I was so worried that another mother was going to yell at me for saying anything, but it worked out ok. I thanked the children for listening on their next go around.
I also witnessed a very awkward exchange between a little girl and an African American mother: the little girl walked up to the mother and asked if she spoke Spanish. The mother said no. Then the girl said, "You're African, right?" The mother sniffed in that exasperated, I can't believe this shit, way and said, "No, I'm American." The little girl seemed confused and wanted to know what the woman's language was. The mom explained that she spoke English, that her son spoke English, that they were both "just Americans." She was very patient with the little girl and asked her what she was and what language she spoke. The little girl explained that she was Armenian but that she could speak English. I kept looking over at the Armenian girl's mother, and that mother was paying no attention and looking so disinterested in what was going on with her children. I was really shocked by the conversation and that the girl thought the other mom was African, just because she was black. She wasn't a very young girl, either, I think she said she was nine.
Anyway, it is sad when you see that we still have a long way to go when it comes to understanding and awareness between races.

Friday, April 23, 2010

14 Months

Oi! The yelling! The pointing and yelling! The screaming and crying! All of it is killing me. But in between, Ace is still the sweet little guy that I've come to know and love. I know that he is just frustrated because he can't communicate at the level he'd like to. I'd be peeved too. But sometimes, when I'm running on empty and trying everything to make him happy and all I get is some kicking and screaming and crying, it's just too much. I know, I know, this is not about me. I am an adult and he is a child, but seriously, it can be hard.
I think there may be some teething going on in there as well.
In more delightful news, Ace is coming out of his shell a bit on the playground, getting braver and braver around other kids. He is standing on his own, but not walking, but has taken a step here or there when forced by his mom or dad. He is still playful and funny, loves hand play, such as the Itsy Bitsy Spider and No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed - especially the finger shaking "and the doctor said..." part. He is getting bigger all the time. I just had to clean out his clothes again and a few pairs of pants only got a few wears before being sent to the storage bins.
His eating habits have gotten a bit weird. He does not like meat. Not at all. But he'll eat Boca Burgers and the occasional chicken nugget. As long as it involves dipping in ketchup. He loves dipping. He does not like vegetables anymore. I put broccoli and spinach and tomato sauce in the Cuisinart and he'll eat that on rotini. He does eat fruit, he loves fruit. Bananas in particular, he'll eat two or three a day. He also loves Goldfish crackers, but I am trying to keep that to a minimum (as I indulge myself while I write this).
I found a job teaching first grade and am really excited for it. I only have eight full time students, so that is just crazy. I start in the fall. Ace starts daycare in a week and I have started getting a little anxious about the best way to start him. Do I stay with him for an hour or so, until he gets used to the caretakers? Or do I make sure he's settled and then leave?