Friday, July 18, 2008

Good Deed for the Day

Coming home just now I saw a dog alone in my street. I slowed down to see if he was wearing a collar and he started running after my car once I'd passed. He followed me into my garage and waited for me to get out of the car. At first I was hesitant, seeing how it was a strange dog and all, but then I saw that he was wearing a color and was clearly lost. I got out of the car and started talking to the dog to calm it down. Once I was out of the car, the dog didn't seem so interested in me and headed next door. I debated whether or not I had the ability to keep this dog for his owner - I have a very anti social cat who would not appreciate a dog being in the apartment. But I do have a balcony and this dog seemed so sweet. I followed the dog calmly, making sure not to chase him off and finally managed to get a hold of his collar and called the number on it. No one answered, but just when I was going to leave a message a large white car pulled up and shouted out, "Do you have a dog?" The women in the car were so relieved to have their dog back, I was very happy for them and the dog.
This is why I don't have a dog. They can be so much trouble. At the same time, however, my cat is not without issues. Last night I was woken up by the sound of said cat eating a mouse very loudly. He eats them bones and all and apparently they are quite crunchy. This is the second mouse meal in a week.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Nothing New

I am about four days away from being ten weeks and continue to feel tired and nauseous. The nauseousness has calmed down a bit, but I am still not that interested in food until I have to put something into my stomach. I am convinced that I have a really fat stomach, but others tell me that I look the same and today my trainer asked it I had lost weight! Maybe next time at the Dr's I'll actually find out how much I weigh so I will be able to keep track of that on my own. I'm still fitting into my regular clothes.
I did, however, go out and buy four of these sport bras from the Gap because I had to start wearing a bra when I slept. I wore one for the first time last night and my comfort level was dramatically increased. It kept my poor breasts from hurting so much everytime I got up to use the bathroom.

Monday, July 7, 2008

All is Well

I didn't exercise for a week and I headed to my new obstetrician's office last Thursday. He is really great, I'll call him Dr. K. I asked him all of my questions and he answered thoroughly and kindly. He is open to anything I want, as long as the baby and I are healthy. He says he rarely does episiotomies, which is great, and I just liked him in general. So we are not going to interview any more and I've gotten over my midwife consideration. Same for the idea of a waterbirth. Maybe for the next one. Dr. K said that I probably don't even need a doula, which are quite popular here in Los Angeles.
I had an ultrasound and Dr. K said things looked excellent and that I had a little bleed area, which would explain the spotting, but which is completely normal. I am okay'd to exercise, which I did today and man, do I not have the same stamina as before!
I asked the doctor if it was ok to start telling people and he said that once you see the heart beat and all looks good, then your chance of miscarriage drops to 2%. I can't remember what the original risk percentage was. I told my sister and then we told some friend at a 4th of July BBQ. I'm going to slowly start telling people, but I don't really want to come right out with it until after I tell my mom, which will be in about three weeks.
Meanwhile, I am feeling fat, tired and nauseaus. I haven't thrown up at all, but I need to keep food in my stomach or I get really queasy. I cried a bit yesterday because I was feeling sorry for myself. It is hard to be sick and tired for a while and also not be able to tell anyone about it.