Friday, January 11, 2008

Why Do I Still Watch The Real World?

For some reason I still watch MTV's The Real World. I can't help it. Sometimes I don't watch it on TV, I put it on my computer while I'm doing something else and just listen to it so I can keep up with what the idiots they cast are up to. I am pathetic.
This season they had this guy on named Dunbar who is a classic misogynist. He belittled the women on the show and any time they disagreed with them he'd call them "stupid bitches" and "sluts" and "whores." Nice. I was very disappointed that this didn't become more of an issue on the show. The girls complained, but they weren't very articulate about it. Cohutta, one of the other male cast members said that he didn't talk to women like that, but he never told Dunbar that he was being a royal ass.
I have been watching The Real World since its very first season and I truly feel that they used to cast people who were far more interesting and actually addressed the issues that came up during the taping. Now it's just drinking and the cast members are rarely up to anything at all. They just hang out at the house and go out drinking at night. What happened to following dreams or exploring another culture? Ugh. The woman on the show embarrass me to no end.
I do love how Cohutta calls his grandfather for advice.

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