Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Somehow (I know how exactly) I got a UTI over the weekend. Now I am burning in unfortunate places and my pee is kind of pink. The first time this happened, both my sister and I thought I was dying. A call to the doctor informed me that I was going to live and that some people's UTI's involve blood. Gross.
Since this week has been a trying to conceive week, I was concerned about what I could take for the UTI that wouldn't interfere with conception or life, if there was already a little fetus involved. But turns out that I can take an antibiotic, micosomething, that will not hurt our efforts. Yay.
Right now I am guzzling cranberry juice (actually, it's cranberry and grape, but 100% juice, which is all I could find at Vons).
I have been following the Taking Charge of Your Fertility charting (albeit not religiously) and using the First Response Ovulation test sticks and it seems that yesterday and today are my two ovulation days. We have been having sex daily for about five days now, and will try again tonight, UTI be damned. I ran out of sticks and didn't buy anymore today, so I suppose we'll just try a few more times and then I should know if I'm pregnant by June 11th or so.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Match and My Mother

My mother is 64 and has been divorced since 1993. In the years between then and now, she has not dated. Not at all. In 1997 she signed up for Match.com or something like that and had a few phone calls, maybe one coffee meet up, but they all went no where. She had a single friend her age who would drag her to singles parties and my mother would come home and say things like, "Ugh, I'm never going to one of those again. The men are old and some even had comb-overs!" So she remained dateless and seemed happy about it. She has her dog to keep her company.
Recently, my mother's financial situation has changed and she has been forced to tighten the purse strings. She does not like this. It has pushed her to start trying to date again, in hopes that she may find a wealthy friend. It is not really the right reason to be doing this, but I am used to my mother and can't really see any harm in it. In fact, I predicted that this is what she would decide to do - find someone to take care of her.
My mother has been emailing me with questions about her Match profile. First she wanted to know what username she should use. I suggested she use her initials and some numbers, instead of trying to be cutesy with a name like, "lookingforman$." Not really that name, but something less honest. So she sent me a list of potential names and I almost died laughing when I read them. The problem is that my mother's initials are SM. You don't really want those in your Match username.
She came up with a suitable alternative. Then she emailed me a list of people who had apparently looked at her profile, with the message, "This is frighting!" Another charming thing about my mother is that she can't spell. That does not bode well for online chatting. I asked her what her profile said and she sent me her username and password so I could check it out.
I don't think my mother saved whatever she had written because her profile was blank. All it said was "Woman looking for a man 25-45." My mother is 64.
I am hoping that this is a mistake.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Loves

I went shopping yesterday for a jersey knit skirt. I don't have a flowy, cotton, casual summer skirt that I can wear instead of shorts. Unfortunately, I didn't find one. But I think they have what I am looking for at American Apparel. I am also going to check out Target.
I did, however, make two other purchases that are making me very happy right now.

First is this dress from BCBG that was on sale. It is perfect for two of the weddings that I am going to be attending this summer. I did not buy it in yellow, I bought it in a dusty rose color. This photo of the dress does not do it justice. It is very pretty and very comfortable.

Next is this dress, also from BCBG, also on sale! But I bought it in black and I think that I will wear it all the time. I already wore it last night. We went to a birthday party at a swanky bar down town and I didn't want to worry about being under dressed, and this was perfect. It will also be perfect for business meetings. Again, I am not so happy about how the dress looks in this photo. It is sleeker and more sophisticated in black.

And I didn't buy these yesterday, but I wore them last night for the first time and I love them. They are soft leather flats from Boden USA. They were a bit of a splurge, but so comfortable! It was as if they were my favorite shoes that I've been wearing forever, sigh.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Doing it Wrong

I went to my orthodontist the other day (I had braces as an adult, after having them for 6 years as a child/adolescent) and he asked how married life was. He was married two months before I was and we would discuss wedding planning when I would come into my appointments. His fiancee seemed to be a bit of a bridezilla, so he would frequently ask me if B and I fought about wedding plans and what I thought of his fiancee's ideas about their wedding. The best story he told was how he was in a fight with his fiancee because she wanted to give out little tins of mints that said "Mint to Be" on them as favors. I told him he was absolutely right to insist that that did not happen. Anyway, this time he asked how married life was and I said fine and asked him how he was enjoying being married and he whipped out his IPhone and showed me a picture of a new born. He and his wife had just had a baby.
He asked me if I was going to have kids and I said that we were talking about it and he told me that he and his wife had been trying for a year without result, so they went to see a specialist. Turns out his wife had been counting wrong and they were missing her ovulation time. The doctor told them that his wife was ovulating that day, they went home and got pregnant.
I left the office feeling smug, thinking, "Who can't figure out when they are ovulating?" (or at least narrow down the time frame).
Guess who else was "counting wrong?" Yeah, I was counting 10 days from the last day of my period, not from the first. I'm very glad that I figured this out early on in the game. Another "trying" period is coming up.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Hmm, I seem to have uploaded these in the opposite order than what I had in my head, but whatever:
The view from our terrace

Just after sunset

The sun will actually set over the water if you wander further down the beach, but we were enjoying our beers at Bar Playa and too lazy to stroll too far

Ah, surfers

Beach, daytime

Town, road to beach

Town square

Town square, local art for sale

More town

View from our terrace, daytime

Sayulita is about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta, but it is completely different. It is a laid back little town with incredible local restaurants and not too many people. Many tourists come to Sayulita to surf and you can take lessons from nice people who set up shop on the beach. B took a lesson and he loved it. It was very warm when we were there and I spent most of the day in the shade reading. When it was not so hot, I'd wander down to the beach and swim for a while. The water is not too cold and the surf not too rough. Sun block is a must!
Sayulita recommendations:
Rent a house on the beach if you can - it seems to be very affordable and most come with daily cleaning people.
Eat at Burrito Revolution - I could eat one of their chicken burritos every day. I wish I had one right now. Make sure to try the green salsa - it's heaven!
Other restaurants:
Sayulita Cafe - good food, friendly staff.
Rollie's for breakfast - the pancakes are really good.
Sayulita Fish Tacos - self explanatory.
Don Pedro's - nice restaurant on the beach, good food, a little more expensive.