Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feeding an Almost Nine Month Old

I am worried that I am not nursing Ace enough. I am down to about five nursing a day, if I'm lucky. Some days it is just four feedings. I have dropped the Dream Feed at 10:30, so that is why I'm concerned. He seems to be more constipated lately too, and I am wondering if that has to do with the decrease in breast milk. He is eating three meals a day and drinking water. He also drinks pear juice occasionally when he is really not pooping and straining.
He is showing signs of teething again and last time he was teething he was also constipated. Isn't that odd? He sleeps a lot when he is teething too. He takes two, two hour naps during the day. Right now he is chewing on his Fisher Price piano that his grandmother found in her trash room (she cleaned it up before we let him chew on it).
I'm also trying to be good about giving him iron fortified cereal every day and I'm pretty sure that makes him constipated.
Ugh. I guess I'll be serving him prunes at every meal until I see a result.