Monday, January 28, 2008

Birthday Yays

I had a wonderful time at Table 8. The grilled cheese that I had heard about was on the appetizer menu and we ordered a few for the table. They were as delicious as I had hoped. Then I had the New Zealand Lamb and that, too, was fantastic. I also really liked the Bubbles and Mangoes drink and the Pomegranate Caipirinha. B was not as happy with his Kansas City Steak, but he enjoyed the Dulce De Leche cake for dessert. As we were paying, the chef, Govind Armstrong, came out of the kitchen and over to our table to say hello. He was very nice and I told him how I'd come for the grilled cheese, but that I'd heard about it before Oprah, which he thought was funny. I admitted that I'd seen him on Oprah, however, and thought that he'd done a nice job. He was very nice and generous with his time. It was a great night.

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