Friday, January 18, 2008

Something to Look Forward to

I just saw the online preview for Baby Mama and can not wait for it to open. When I read the description I was not sure that this would be my kind of movie, but then I saw the preview and it looks so funny.
This weekend we have to drive about two hours from here to see B's parents for the day. They are traveling and thought we'd like to see them.
Also, my friend picked her bridesmaid dress and guess what - it's not hideous! I actually don't know how I feel about the dress yet, since I haven't tried it on or seen anyone in it besides the model. I'm a little worried about how fitted it is over the hips. But I'm so happy about the color. My friend kept talking about how she's always wanted hot pink bridesmaids, but has decided to go with black because then the pink flowers will stand out better. I have been making this point to her the whole time, which is kind of rude of me but whatever.

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