Monday, January 7, 2008


So we had Christmas and then a week in Mexico with the In Laws and now we are back. I did not get Montezuma's revenge, but I did catch something from my niece and/or nephew - one too many on the mouth sloppy kisses I suppose - and now I have no voice. I am also a little spacey, so I think I will be staying home for a few more days.
B went back to work today, but I am still in my pj's and don't plan on doing much besides taking a shower. My sister is not back until the 14th, so I am missing my partner in crime and sort of feeling sorry for myself. It would not be so bad if I could call up my friends and chat, but I have no voice. I can't even call my mother and yell at her for getting so drunk on Christmas that she had to be put to bed after the salad course (Not that I was there, thank God, she was staying with my brother and they were all over at a friend's house).
I thought I had a lot to write about but thinking about it is kind of overwhelming me. So Happy New Year and I'll be back later. Maybe I'll post about what I bought people for Christmas or something. Or maybe I'll just lay on the couch and watch awful tv. Real Housewives, anyone?

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