Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I went to Subway today and as I was pulling into the parking lot I saw a girl getting out of her car and I thought to myself, "That girl looks like Rory Gilmore." I parked and got on line for my sandwich and a couple of people got in line behind me. I took some time debating whether or not to drink a soda, I've been trying to give up soda all together, caved and took a Coke Zero out of the refrigerator. The girl behind me reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a juice, saying "I'm trying not to drink soda." I had to do everything I could to keep myself from turning around to take a look because I knew from the voice that it was Alexis Bledel.

I live in Los Angeles and I see actors quite frequently and I'm sort of jaded about it and I rarely get excited about it, but I was so thrilled to be standing in line in front of Ms. Bledel because I loved the Gilmore Girls and I loved Rory. I don't really want to talk about the last season, or how bad it got after that guy took over from the original creator, but at least Rory didn't marry that awful boyfriend.
Anyway, it was fun to see her. She is adorable and was very nice to the staff at Subway and was dressed a little hipstery, but not too much so. It was a good sighting. Oh, and she drives a Volvo. I love her even more for that.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Things I've Been Up To

I have been very busy recently making a TasteBook for my friend , O, who is getting married in June. She really wants to be a better cook and make an effort to cook more when she is married, so I asked the other bridesmaids to submit recipes and am compiling them into a TasteBook. So far, only one bridesmaid has submitted her recipes, but I have high hopes that I will get at least one recipe from each girl into this book. TasteBook is really easy to use and I love the photo options. I am anxious to see the finished project.
Along those same lines, I think I will use Blurb when I make our wedding album. One would think that I would have already done that, seeing how I was married in 2006, but I still haven't gotten around to it yet. It's on my to do list, along with ordering all the other regular photos that I've taken and actually putting them into photo albums, which I've yet to purchase. Someday!
Lastly, I found another pair of jeans from The Gap (gasp, I know!) that I like even better than the last pair. These are not mom jeans at all. They are not the phenomenal in the butt area, but B said they looked good enough from behind, so I feel okay about them. They look great from the front and are $69! Crap, I can't find them on the website and the jeans don't have any markings that say what style they are.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I have been away on a last minute trip to Paris for work. It was quite nice. I didn't get to do too much because I was working, but I managed to get out of the hotel and walk around a bit. The best part was that our hotel was right near the Laduree on Champs D'Elysees. I have never eaten so many wonderful macaroons. I went there every day and ordered a small box. The line was very long on Valentine's Day, but I still braved it and managed to order in French and convince them that I was fluent in French - until the credit card machine stopped working. Credit card machines were not covered in my high school French class or my college French classes, so I had to admit that I spoke English much better than my French. It wasn't a problem and all was taken care of. My favorite flavor? Cassis violette. Yum!

Since I was away for Valentine's Day, B had to cancel the reservations he'd made at Comme Ca. I have been dying to go there, so he rescheduled for the Monday after my return, which was Presidents' Day and B had the day off. So we went and had a lovely lunch. I ordered the Steak Frites, which I really liked. I don't know if I would have liked the fries on their own, not enough salt for me, but they were perfect in the steak juice. B ordered the Cheeseburger and it was divine. I made him give me one quarter of it. I will definitely be back. Besides the food being fantastic, the decor is quite nice too. I am going to keep it in mind when I have a kitchen to decorate some day.
Speaking of a kitchen and some day, after lunch B and I went driving a bit. We checked out Montrose, which I suppose is part of Glendale. It was cute, but quite far away. Then we went to Eagle Rock, which is quickly becoming my favorite neighborhood. We have seen a number of houses that we would be happy living in and the blocks above Colorado have peaked B's interest greatly. Would I feel isolated out there? It's not that far, really, but it feels like another world. Oh, but how would I love a yard and available street parking and quiet! Hmm.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


As soon as the man comes to measure the wall for the new screen door, I am heading out to vote. I am voting for Barack Obama and will be anxious to see the results of this Super Tuesday.

On a completely different subject, I love Buffalo Chicken - Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches and Salads being my favorite. I am not a fan of wings, but I just love the sauce. The other day I saw Frank's Hot Wing sauce at the grocery store, so I bought it along with some Chunky Blue Cheese dressing. I played around with a few variables before coming up with my new favorite food:

Buffalo Chicken Salad
Coat your chicken breast(s) in a mixture that is 2:1 chili powder and paprika. Then put a little bit of oil into a pan and cook the breast(s) over medium heat about five minutes per side (may take longer depending on your stove's heat and the thickness of the breast(s)).
When the chicken is done remove it from heat and set aside. In a saucepan melt 1 tbsp of butter (this is kind of optional, but it does make it taste extra good) and add the hot sauce (you decide how much). Remove from heat.
Slice the chicken into thin strips and put them into the pot with the hot sauce to coat the strips.
To make the salad part, I use spinach but most recipes call for iceberg. I chop carrots and celery and add frozen corn kernals that I warm up in the microwave.
I add the blue cheese dressing (about 1.5 tbsp per serving) and toss the salad components together, then add the chicken strips on the top.
Tada! Buffalo Chicken Salad! You can put it in a tortilla and you have a Buffalo Chicken Wrap, also delicious.
While it is my new favorite food, I may not be eating it for a while because I have overdosed on it this past week. I brought it with me to my sister's for the Super Bowl because she was serving hot dogs and I am trying to watch what I eat and if you control the amount of blue cheese dressing that you use, it's not a bad meal. Hello run on sentence.