Thursday, December 3, 2009


Is that what you call it? Holding on to anything he can and "walking" around the house. If he could, he'd cover the entire perimeter of the apartment. It is really amazing to watch, considering that a few weeks ago he couldn't move from point A to point B on his own and now if you leave him for a few minutes, there is no guarantee that you are going to be able to find him. He is usually approaching whatever electronic or electronic control that is closest to him. He moves from coffee table to couch to side table to whatever is next. It is fun to watch, but also terrifying. I have been told that this is the beginning of the end of any type of relaxing while he is awake. Nine months is great, though.

OMG Teething!

Ace's front teeth are coming in and it is no picnic! He started waking up around 11pm, completely inconsolable, just wanting to hang out. So that's what we did for two nights. Just hung out until he was calm and tired and nursed and ready to go back to sleep. Then we thought maybe we were being played. We tried to get him back to sleep by letting him cry it out. He cried and fell asleep off and on for an hour. I finally caved and got up and nursed him and hung out with him. I can't remember if we gave him infant Motrin that night or not, but we started giving it to him after that. Then two nights later, after more night waking, I gave him Motrin when he went to bed and there was no night waking. I was told that meant it was a teething issue and not a behavior issue. Poor little guy. You can see where the teeth are coming and his mood during the day is also atrocious. I have also read that this is the age for separation anxiety, but he doesn't really have those issues consistently. It seems he only has them when he is uncomfortable. Luckily today was a pretty good day. I am hoping for a full night's sleep and am not going to give him Motrin before bed.
In other news, Thanksgiving was fun. We had a last minute oven problem and ended up ordering our turkey from Whole Foods, but it was really good.
Also, Ace was baptized last weekend. Not my thing, but B and his family were happy about it. Ace did look adorable in his baptismal gown.