Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Not a Mrs.

When I was younger I thought I'd grow up and get married and one day be a Mrs. Well, I grew up, I got married, but apparently I'm not a Mrs. I decided to keep my maiden name, since that's my name and I don't really understand changing it (but the kids will have his last name, I don't really care about that). Turns out that if you keep your maiden name, then you are still a Ms. That just seems strange to me. If I am married, why can't I be Mrs. MaidenName? I think I'll write my name with a Mrs. from now on, despite what address etiquette says.
Also, I am an awful online Scrabble player. I tried to play against the easy robots on Scrabulous and they kicked my ass. I played a regular player as well, also in the easy room, but I think she was just looking to raise her rating, because that was a massacre too. And I'm not a bad speller, nor do I have a terrible vocabulary. I was totally embarrassed. I searched on Google and found a Guardian article about how badly people cheat on Scrabulous and that made me feel a little better. I guess I have to find normal players to play against. I'll get my husband to go on and play him. Or I'll just stick to Weboggle, where I am at least mediocre and not god awful.
And, the inlaws are coming: third week of September.

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