Monday, August 27, 2007


I didn't end up buying anything from Macy's. We went to Costco instead and I bought a white sheet set there for about $65, which is a good price. I hope the quality is decent.
I bought white towels from, along with a pair of great accent pillows for the living room couch. They have great prices on housewares.
I have to go back to Costco because I saw that they had Hanky Panky underwear 3 for $33, and that's a good deal.
We had one successful recipe this weekend and one complete, but tasty, failure. The failure was B's attempt at pizza on our pizza stone. He had some issues transferring it to the stone once it was rolled out and made. He became quite frustrated and called out, "Well, honey, this is pretty much all dorked up!" So I went in and calmed him down and turned the mess into a calzone. It was delicious!
We had great success with the Grilled Chicken Kebab recipe from Cook's Country.

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