Monday, January 26, 2009

Musical Chairs

I was talking to a friend today and I told her that, in regards to going into labor, I felt as though I was playing musical chairs and waiting for the music to stop. I remember playing that game as a child and being driven crazy by anticipation and not knowing. When will it stop? Am I going to be right in front of an open seat? Or will I be rounding the corner and no where near the open seat? I thought I had plenty of time with my due date being three weeks away, but people seem to think that I will go any day.
We went to our last birth class last night and there were only two couples left! Actually three, but one was having their shower and didn't show up. One woman that I spoke to last week who was so ready to have her baby but was two weeks away from her due date, had her baby toward the end of last week. This is all very nerve racking.
I'd like to have the rest of this week at least, please!

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