Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lovely Day

I am so happy to have our new president. I watched Obama take the oath of office and settled in to watch his speech, and then I fell asleep. I am seriously tired these days. Extremely tired. It's sort of depressing how tired I am.
I went to the Dr. today and he said that my cervix is closed but soft. That is good news. I am not ready yet! I have some more cleaning and organizing to do and B needs to put together more furniture and have the carseats installed and I need to make some nursery art!
Up until this past Sunday I had been saying that I was completely happy to keep the baby inside of me for now, that it was really convenient and I wasn't ready to have the actual baby to take care of, but then I had a really rough Sunday night and I've had awful acid reflux and I'm huge and can barely move. So now I'm ready to have the baby out of me. But not really. Not yet.
Stay put baby.

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