Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby Stuff

As I was starting my day, I received a phone call from the hospital where we are delivering regarding a maternity tour. I was told that, even though the tours for January are booked, I would be squeezed in either today or next Friday. I opted for next Friday, hoping that B would be able to get off of work and come with me. I was very happy that the hospital had been so accommodating, especially with switching doctors late in the game and having my due date so soon. Then I went swimming and when I got back to the car I had a message from the hospital. I called back and was told that I was being called back in regards to the maternity tour. I told the woman what I had discussed with the previous person, but it was as if that didn't really happen and I was told that the only tour I could go on was February 6th. A WEEK FROM MY DUE DATE. That's not cool. I am wondering if I should just show up on January 23rd and see what happens.
After swimming, I headed to Babies R Us and Walmart to use some gift cards we've been given to buy the random but supposedly necessary stuff that people probably won't buy us as gifts and that we'll need when the baby comes. I bought nail clippers, pacifiers - both smoothies and nuks, a changing table cover, baby caps, and for me some lovely items such as maxi pads. I was trying to find a donut pillow, but didn't see one at Walmart. Oh the horror.

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