Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I went under today for the first time in my life to get my wisdom teeth out. It was only two of them, I had the other two out at two separate times with only local anesthesia. They were not bad at all. This time one of them was way up in my jaw still, so they put me to sleep. I was expecting that I'd go in, get the IV and then I'd start to feel relaxed. Then they'd put the oxygen mask on my nose and I'd slowly drift off. I was worried that I'd start talking while I was going under, as you sometimes see on that awful show "Dr. 90210." I was telling my friend this morning about an episode I saw where a woman was having vaginaplasty (or whatever you call reconstructive surgery on your vagina) and she was sedated but not asleep yet and she kept trying to have banter with her doctor while he was down there and he just kept saying, "Julie, go to sleep now." I was so embarrassed for her.
But back to my experience today. First, my dentist couldn't find a vein. He said that I had tiny veins that were not cooperating. You can't eat or drink before the procedure, so I guess I was dehydrated and apparently that doesn't help with the small vein problem. The dentist stuck me four times in four different areas - the insides of both elbows, the back of a hand, the side of a hand - before finding a vein that would work. I didn't feel much of that because they have a "cooling spray" that they use to numb the spot. I think that it actually freezes the area because it almost felt as if I was getting frost bite, it kind of hurt it was so cold.
Once he had found the vein and gotten the needle in, he pushed the medicine in and I felt pressure and a bit of discomfort. Then the nurse said that she was going to have me breathe oxygen through my nose and put the mask on me. I decided to imagine laying on a beach in Vietnam to relax and, hopefully, not start talking. The dentist asked if I was feeling relaxed and I responded, "Not yet." To which he replied, "Well, you will soon."
Next thing I know, I am awake and the nurse is asking if I am ready to walk to the recovery area. It was a little difficult to walk, but I remember taking the walk to the comfy chair, where they wrapped me in a blanket. The nurse had told me prior to the procedure that most people don't remember the walk to the chair, but I don't know what that says about me.
My sister warned me that I might feel really emotional when I woke up, because that is what happened to her, but I felt ok. I really wanted her to come back and sit with me, since they'd told me they were going to get her and it felt that it was taking an awfully long time for her to come back to the chair area.
I was given my pain killers, antibiotics, gauze and instructions and sent on my way. My sister stopped and bought me a chocolate milkshake from McDonalds on the way home and when I got home I took two Vicodines and my antibiotics and ate my milkshake. I expected to fall asleep, but instead I'm wide awake. I watched a bunch of The Real Housewives of Orange County (I know, I know, it's so bad - but I can't stop watching) and then jumped on my computer. When I had my gum graft, I took the meds and they made me melt into the couch and forget who and where I was. Not so much this time. Maybe I'll just take one next time and see what happens.
My goodness, so much detail in one post. Maybe I am all drugged up!

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