Monday, November 26, 2007


I'm having two wisdom teeth out on Wednesday. I have to be sedated. The dentist said that I will, "go to sleep," and wake up when it is over. I have had a lot of dental work, including an implant and a gum transplant, and I've never been put under. I'm a little freaked out.
In other news, Thanksgiving went well. I do a lot of the cooking, so I never really enjoy the meal. I am tempted to recreate it on a small scale for me and B, but we are going to Mexico after Christmas with his family, so I'm trying to shape up for that and a mini Thanksgiving would not help.
I have been driving by a new store going up on Melrose and I have a suspicion that it might be Anthropologie. A huge one. If it's not, it's a mean trick because it has the same wooden awning that many other Anthropologie stores have.
Anthropologie has the cutest Christmas things right now. I saw these "Let's go to the North Pole/South Pole" dishes that were so adorable. Christmas will be so much fun when we have kids.

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