Thursday, November 1, 2007


We did absolutely nothing for Halloween. I didn't even eat candy, which is crazy since I LOVE candy.
So it is the first day of November and I am starting to feel holiday anxiety. But just a teensy bit because I am not totally crazy - yet. I am sitting here looking at my calendar and thinking of what I need to do and by when I need to get it done. People will be arriving and staying for a bit and my apartment needs to be fully decorated and clean. There needs to be a reasonable amount of photos of family members displayed in our apartment and that will require buying more frames. I have all of the dishes that I will need. Since the wedding I am prepared to entertain an army. Which is kind of sad, actually, since most of our hard earned friends moved out of town within the year after our wedding. Sigh, we miss you guys.
Back to the holidays - I have been making lists of presents that I might buy for people for Christmas and I don't think that it is ridiculous to start buying these things now that it is November. It will save me shopping head aches in the long run. I will have to have a discussion about this with B, since I will be shopping for his family as well.
On a totally non-holiday related note, I went to Crumbs today for the first time. I am sad to report that I did not like them. Not at all. I remain devoted to Sprinkles for cupcakes in the Beverly Hills area.

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