Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Purchases and Shopping

We got a new rug!!! It is life changing!!! My office/television room is no longer dark and masculine. All it took was a rug change. Who knew? Well, I did, but B was not feeling the expense of it. But I wore him down.
But now the room is a little too green and I am in search of dark brown accessories to balance it all out.
I purchased this rug from CB2:which I believe I saw on one of my favorite blogs, Oh Happy Day when she posted a picture from another lovely blog, Something Old, Something New. We got the small size, but it is just perfect!
Another fantastic purchase I made is this pair of Scanty Santa pyjama bottoms:
I only bought the bottoms and I will look much less alluring in mine than the model, but they are adorable. They were a little pricey, so I brought them home and handed them to B and told him, "You bought me these for Christmas!" He protested until he looked in the bag and decided he liked them very much.
In other news, a dear friend of mine who I have known and loved since high school was in town recently and I had the pleasure of accompanying her on a wedding dress shopping expedition. She is fabulous and is going to make her own dress, but she wanted to get an idea of what different shapes and styles looked like on her body. So off we went to Monique Lhuillier, Saks Fifth Avenue and Renee Strauss for the Bride.
I was prepared to LOVE Monique Lhuillier's dresses. I have seen pictures of her latest styles online and in magazine ads and I was very excited. Turns out, they photograph much nicer than they actually look. Except for the lace Scarlett, which was one of my favorite styles when I was dress shopping, they were all kind of meh. And our saleslady was not the best. She seemed a little too cool for us.
So we moved on to Saks. The saleslady there was fantastic. She was an older woman with long, dyed black hair pulled back into a pony tail, an accent that I picked to be eastern European, and she knew what was best for us. She put my friend F into some wonderful dresses. Her favorite was this Elizabeth Filmore gown, so glamorous!:

We then moved on to Renee Strauss for the Bride. The saleslady there tried to be very helpful, but when F would describe what she wanted, the saleslady would bring her the opposite. After a few failed attempts, I could see that F was getting frustrated, so I just headed into the racks and started pulling things I thought were closer to what she was looking for. But no dice.
It was fun dress shopping with F. I can't wait to see what she makes for herself.

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