Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good Jeans?

I recently went through a jeans crisis. I decided that I hated all of my jeans and that they didn't fit me and I was sick to death of feeling fat and fighting the "muffin top." All of my jeans were low cut and leg hugging. I started seeing trouser jeans on people and decided to investigate. I went to several department stores and tried on every pair I could get my hands on. Then I went to Anthropologie and The Gap. Here are the results:

These are the Throwback Trouser by Level 99. They fit higher on the waist and have a wide leg with a flair. I am keeping these jeans long so that I can wear them with heels. I can dress casually for work, so these pants work for a meeting or a nice dinner.

These are Faye by Citizen of Humanity. These are my new favorite jeans in the whole world. They sit a little higher on the waist, but barely, and they have a wider leg while still giving your leg a nice shape. I had these shortened so I could wear them with flats and sneakers. I wear flats a lot, so these will also work for meetings or dining out.

And the last pair that I bought was from The Gap. I tried them on and thought I liked them, but I was so put off by the high waist on these that I worried I was buying "Mom Jeans." So I brought my sister back and she agreed that they were flattering and didn't make it seem as if I was giving up on fashion all together. I have not bought jeans from The Gap in a long time and couldn't stop giggling as I handed over my credit card. They were less than $70! They have some very cute stuff on their website, so I might have to go and check it out.
As happy as I am with my jean purchases, there is a problem. I am losing weight! It's a nice problem to have (at least for me), but my new jeans might not fit me for too much longer. I guess then I will sell them on Ebay and head back out shopping.

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