Thursday, June 26, 2008

Small Scare

Sunday was a rough day. I was totally nauseous when I woke up, so we hurried out of the house to get something to eat. It was also about a billion degrees and we don't have air conditioning. We made plans to do two things: visit an open house in Eagle Rock and buy a portable air conditioner. Even though B had called and knew exactly where to buy said air conditioner, the day turned into a horrific march through several Costcos, Targets, and Lowe's, "Just to see" if they had what we were looking for. Of course they didn't. Every store was sold out. Finally, after traipsing across many an asphalt desert, we headed to Fry's, where we hit the mother load. We picked out our beauty and brought her home. With B's back problems and my current condition, getting the air conditioner out of the car and up the stairs, one at a time, was quite the feat.
We didn't get to try it out right then either, because we had to go and look at the open house. It was adorable and well priced and I would buy it. But apparently we're not quite to that point yet and I understand, so we're not buying it. Yay.
So Monday I get up and head to the bathroom, of course, and think I see a little brown, but convince myself that I'm just paranoid. The day passes without incident and right before bed I pee again, of course, and this time there is bright red blood. Not sure what to do, I tell B that it may be bad news and try to go to sleep.
The next morning there is more brown and I spend a lot of time online trying to figure out what is going on. I find that I am either fine, or I am miscarrying. Hmm. I was kind of embarrassed about my feelings because I felt most annoyed that I would have to start over and lose seven weeks, plus recovery time. I realize that I haven't attached to this "baby" yet. The idea of it is exciting and all that, but I haven't developed feelings for it yet. I feel kind of like the ice queen, but whatever. I spend the day very tense and the only symptom I have is sore boobs.
When B gets home from work he does some online reading and tries to convince me that I am fine. I try to believe him, but then start feeling a lot of pain in my abdomen. The dreaded cramps. I tell B as I am getting into bed. A few moments later I realize that the pain has shifted to below my rib cage. Then I realize that I don't have cramps, just really bad gas. Oops. So I spend the night quietly relieving the problem and being thankful for every little release of gas.
B convinced me to call my doctor yesterday and she said to come in. She used a vaginal scanner (? don't know the real term for it) to show me that the baby was still there, still had a heartbeat and all was well. She said everything looked good, that my cervix was blue, which apparently is a good thing, and that she couldn't find any blood.
Back to the scan - the baby is 9mm and based on that, I am 6.6 weeks along. She gave me a photo, in which you can't really see anything except for a mass that is the baby and the yolk sac. She said that bleeding is normal at this point because of hormones and something about the placenta taking over for something else.
So I am fine and so is the baby and I'm very happy. Still not feeling so much attached to the baby, but hoping that is normal. Also, I can't exercise until I'm 8 weeks and she gave me a referral to an obstetrician who I am supposed to see before 9 weeks.

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