Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I finally dragged myself off the couch (boss is on vacation, so it is a very slow time workwise) and headed to the Echo Park Pool (don't believe the website, it is definitely open). I had read about the newly remodeled facility and then stopped by to check it out a week ago. It looked great, with lap lanes set up, and it's free with a library card - which I have.
It has a great locker room set up, you can put all of your belongings in a bag and hand it over to the lady behind the counter to be checked for you. Then you shower and are free to "enjoy your swim!" as the lady behind the counter told me.
The pool is really nice and I think it is olympic sized. I shared a lane with a guy and swam for 30 minutes. I figured I'd start slow and work up to an hour eventually. There was a bit more debris and hair in the water than I would have liked to see, but it's a public pool, and free, so I can't really complain. I think I will quit my gym membership and stick to swimming and walking to maintain my weight and health for awhile.

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