Thursday, October 11, 2007

First Open House

I decided to drive by one of the houses that I'd seen for sale on the MLS the other day and it turned out that they were having an open house. I wasn't sure if I could go in, or if it was just for realtors, so I parked in front of the house next door and staked out the joint for a while. Eventually I decided it was safe for me to go in.
The house was adorable. It is a California bungalow in the craftsman style, but it had been very lovingly renovated and is in great shape. I loved it. It has beautiful hard wood floors, lots of windows, a great kitchen and an enormous back yard. It even has a hot tub and an outdoor shower - which I couldn't care less about, but to B that is heavenly. It is only two bedrooms, but it has two full bathrooms, which is a bonus. We'd be giving up space, we have much more in our apartment, but we'd have a yard! Would you rather have a dining room or a yard? I do like to entertain, but most of my friends have moved away and we always do holidays at my sister's since she has a nice house already. Plus, with the huge lot, you could add on to the house, or you could build up and add a second story.
I know we won't be buying this house. B is still just entertaining the idea that we can actually afford to buy a house, but it was nice to walk into a house that is in our presumed price range and think, "Wow, this is lovely, I could totally live here."

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