Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I am loving my local public pool. I usually go during the adult swim in the afternoon and I always have a whole lane to myself. I've been swimming for a half and hour and it is just perfect. My heartbeat goes up and I feel as though I have had a good work out, yet I'm not dead tired the next day.
In other news, my job situation has recently changed and that concerns me. I am going from a very lucky situation, ideal in fact, to an unemployed type of situation. It is just bad timing, but things will be ok. I am trying to be very good with money in preparation for the possibility of not making a salary for a year or so. I still got sucked into the Gap Maternity sale, however, and am now the proud owner of two pairs of maternity corduroys. I couldn't help myself. I walked by the Gap this weekend and saw the mannequins dressed for fall in just my type of clothes and colors, including corduroys and v-neck sweaters. I haven't seen clothes that were so my taste since the late nineties. I was momentarily overcome by sadness that I wouldn't be able to wear them this fall and winter. So when I got to Gap Maternity to by long sleeve t-shirts on sale, I swear!, and I saw the cords, I was done for and gave in and bought two pairs. Now I am done with maternity clothes until I am much, much bigger. I swear!
I was talking to my mother the other day and she said that in two of her labor experiences she didn't even feel the contractions at all, yet she was fully dilated and ready to go. Interesting. Maybe this will happen to me? She said it just felt like menstrual cramps and she didn't realize that it was time to give birth at at all. I'll have to tell my doula about that.
Speaking of doulas, I think we found one! She seems very down to earth and I think she will work with my personality type. I really like the idea of a doula now, which is funny because when I first heard of what one was, I had no interest whatsoever.

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