Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Gross

I have the pregnancy symptom leukorrhea. It is not fun. It is gross, but manageable. I don't like how the books make it seem as if it might be just a little more than normal. It is way more than normal and caused me to go out and buy my first box of thong panty liners (yes I wear thongs, sometimes). Those things are genius.
Also, I have turned into a sweaty beast. In the most inappropriate places. It doesn't help that my thighs have gotten bigger. I am afraid to move even the slightest bit in warm weather when I am wearing pants, for fear that the sweat stain that looks like a pee stain between my legs is spreading and becoming big enough for others to notice.
Thank God it is almost fall. I am beginning to hate the warm weather.
I am trying to eat healthy to curb the growth of body parts other than baby related expansion and I have a new commitment to getting to the pool. I went yesterday. Today I went out for a turkey sandwich and ice cream. Oh well.

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