Friday, August 22, 2008

Maternity Clothes

I am now at 15 weeks and my body is definitely beginning to change. I can still fit into my favorite pair of jeans, but my belly pushes at the fabric in a whole new way. After my last doctor's appointment I went to Target and purchased a pair of maternity jeans. The jeans are very comfortable, but they are not the most fashionable - looking a bit like the dreaded "mom jeans." I will still wear them, possibly with a long maternity top, since it's really just at the hips that the jeans don't quite look right.
It's really been too hot for jeans and I found myself uncomfortable in my shorts a few weekends ago, so B and I stopped into Target and I bought a pair of Liz Lange gaucho pants in black.

They are extremely comfortable, just like sweats, but with a better look for everyday wear. There are some complaints on the Target website about them and I agree with the color transfer complaint - don't wash anything light colored with them. I turned a white tank top brown. They aren't the greatest quality, but I'm quite fond of mine. In fact, I'm wearing them right now.
I wasn't going to purchase any more maternity clothes after that. I told myself to wait until I got bigger, but then I was emailed a coupon to the Gap. So off I went to a GapBaby that had GapMaternity in the back and I purchased a pair of Long and Lean jeans with a full belly panel.
These jeans are great looking and comfortable. They are a bit big on me, so I had to keep pulling them up, but everyone agreed that they wouldn't know that I was wearing maternity jeans if I hadn't told them.
I returned to the GapMaternity store to purchase these no panel cropped cargo pants because I needed light weight pants and they were on sale for $22. They are twice that much online for some reason. These are my new favorite pants and I might wear them every day if allowed.
I might not have purchased any of these items if I had heard about the BellaBand sooner. A friend told me about them and they sound amazing. I ordered two from and hope that they will keep me from having (or wanting) to purchase any more maternity pants for a while. Although, I have my eye on these beauties from I think I'll wait for a day in my sixth or seventh month where I'm much bigger and needing a pick me up.

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