Friday, August 8, 2008

13 Weeks

Had my first ultrasound that did not involve taking my underwear off - yay! I can't believe how much the baby has developed in this short amount of time. I was very relieved to see the baby and its heartbeat, since I found the lessening of symptoms to be a bit worrisome. I still tire easily, but I am much better than a few weeks ago and I am much less nauseous than before. After my appointment I bought my first pair of maternity jeans. The Dr. said I'd only gained 3 lbs, but that was since my 8 week appointment and I don't know how much total I've gained since becoming pregnant. I definitely feel my clothes getting tighter, but that may be because of my somewhat uncooperative digestive system. Some days I'm big, others not so much. So I went to Target and bought a pair of Liz Lange maternity jeans and I am kind of excited to wear them, once the weather gets cooler. It is freaking hot out!

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