Friday, August 8, 2008

Telling the Parents

So now all future grandparents know. We managed to tell everyone in a three day period and, happily, everyone is thrilled. We already have an offer to purchase a glider for us (I am thinking this one) and the baby has its first outfit and blanket.
Shopping for this outfit brought something to my attention - finding gender neutral clothes for infants is next to impossible and our society is still pretty sexist in how it assigns certain imagery to infants. Male babies have trucks, planes, sports, boats, space, and blue animals. Anything blue, for that matter, is for boys. Female babies have flowers and pink. It's maddening. I got a bit upset about it and voiced my unhappiness to my in laws. Unfortunately this lead to a lecture about gender roles and teaching your children who they are that came from such a conservative place that it truly boggled my mind.

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