Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Somehow (I know how exactly) I got a UTI over the weekend. Now I am burning in unfortunate places and my pee is kind of pink. The first time this happened, both my sister and I thought I was dying. A call to the doctor informed me that I was going to live and that some people's UTI's involve blood. Gross.
Since this week has been a trying to conceive week, I was concerned about what I could take for the UTI that wouldn't interfere with conception or life, if there was already a little fetus involved. But turns out that I can take an antibiotic, micosomething, that will not hurt our efforts. Yay.
Right now I am guzzling cranberry juice (actually, it's cranberry and grape, but 100% juice, which is all I could find at Vons).
I have been following the Taking Charge of Your Fertility charting (albeit not religiously) and using the First Response Ovulation test sticks and it seems that yesterday and today are my two ovulation days. We have been having sex daily for about five days now, and will try again tonight, UTI be damned. I ran out of sticks and didn't buy anymore today, so I suppose we'll just try a few more times and then I should know if I'm pregnant by June 11th or so.

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