Thursday, May 15, 2008

Doing it Wrong

I went to my orthodontist the other day (I had braces as an adult, after having them for 6 years as a child/adolescent) and he asked how married life was. He was married two months before I was and we would discuss wedding planning when I would come into my appointments. His fiancee seemed to be a bit of a bridezilla, so he would frequently ask me if B and I fought about wedding plans and what I thought of his fiancee's ideas about their wedding. The best story he told was how he was in a fight with his fiancee because she wanted to give out little tins of mints that said "Mint to Be" on them as favors. I told him he was absolutely right to insist that that did not happen. Anyway, this time he asked how married life was and I said fine and asked him how he was enjoying being married and he whipped out his IPhone and showed me a picture of a new born. He and his wife had just had a baby.
He asked me if I was going to have kids and I said that we were talking about it and he told me that he and his wife had been trying for a year without result, so they went to see a specialist. Turns out his wife had been counting wrong and they were missing her ovulation time. The doctor told them that his wife was ovulating that day, they went home and got pregnant.
I left the office feeling smug, thinking, "Who can't figure out when they are ovulating?" (or at least narrow down the time frame).
Guess who else was "counting wrong?" Yeah, I was counting 10 days from the last day of my period, not from the first. I'm very glad that I figured this out early on in the game. Another "trying" period is coming up.

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