Friday, May 9, 2008


Hmm, I seem to have uploaded these in the opposite order than what I had in my head, but whatever:
The view from our terrace

Just after sunset

The sun will actually set over the water if you wander further down the beach, but we were enjoying our beers at Bar Playa and too lazy to stroll too far

Ah, surfers

Beach, daytime

Town, road to beach

Town square

Town square, local art for sale

More town

View from our terrace, daytime

Sayulita is about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta, but it is completely different. It is a laid back little town with incredible local restaurants and not too many people. Many tourists come to Sayulita to surf and you can take lessons from nice people who set up shop on the beach. B took a lesson and he loved it. It was very warm when we were there and I spent most of the day in the shade reading. When it was not so hot, I'd wander down to the beach and swim for a while. The water is not too cold and the surf not too rough. Sun block is a must!
Sayulita recommendations:
Rent a house on the beach if you can - it seems to be very affordable and most come with daily cleaning people.
Eat at Burrito Revolution - I could eat one of their chicken burritos every day. I wish I had one right now. Make sure to try the green salsa - it's heaven!
Other restaurants:
Sayulita Cafe - good food, friendly staff.
Rollie's for breakfast - the pancakes are really good.
Sayulita Fish Tacos - self explanatory.
Don Pedro's - nice restaurant on the beach, good food, a little more expensive.

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