Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Feeling Better

I was depressed for the past couple of days and B thinks it is because I got nervous about having a baby and that might be true. I was having a terrible time getting anything done. But today was better and I did almost everything that I needed to do today and I have a list of things that I am going to get done tomorrow. I have grand plans to make Ina Garten's Coq au Vin for dinner tonight.
I talked to RS today and I didn't tell her that I was depressed, but she managed to cheer me up all the same. There is nothing better than a great friend to make a person feel better. I'm sure antidepressants are fantastic too, but I don't have any of those at the moment and, since I'm thinking of having a baby, I don't think now is the time to start taking them. But I do think now might be the time to actually call one of the doctor referrals that I've gotten and make sure that I'm up to the mental/emotional challenges of having a baby.
We leave for Mexico this weekend and I'm going to start packing tomorrow. Of course, I had all these ideas that I'd lose a ton of weight before this trip so I'd feel fabulous in a bathing suit, but alas, this has not happened. So now I have to spend the week feeling a bit large while lying on a beach chair next to my friend who is literally anorexic. Not that I envy her that problem.

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