Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Traveling with Baby

We went to Washington DC this past weekend with Ace and I have to say it was much easier than expected. I wore Ace in a Moby Wrap and we wheeled our car seat and Snap and Go to the gate with us. I was able to wear Ace through security, with B putting the car seat and stroller through the X-ray machine. Ace didn't cry at all on the plane, which we attribute to feeding him at take off and landing. On our return flight, upon landing, a passenger one row behind us announced, "That baby is awesome!" I agree!
One unfortunate discovery we made was that United Airlines no longer allows people with small children to board early. I still managed to board early, but on our flight home this was met with some bad behavior from the gate agent. Everyone else was much more accommodating on both legs of our trip.
We didn't travel with much gear. We brought the sleeping wedge that Ace sleeps on and he slept on that in between us on the bed. We brought tons of extra clothes and diapers, but not too much else.
It was a nice trip to DC. We had an ok hotel, close to the White House, so we walked down and took at look at it. We saw some Tamil people protesting and Michelle's vegetable garden. I was hoping to see the Lincoln Memorial at night, but after the wedding I was just too tired. We'll go again when Ace is old enough to appreciate it.

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