Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Almost Three Months

Ok, so a lot has happened in the last three months. Ace is doing so well. There has been a weight gain issue, since he started out huge and is now average, which involved a horrendous amount of pumping and supplementing with formula and little to no sleep or getting out of the house. Thank God that ended.
Ace starting to smile at about five weeks made all the difference in the world and now he smiles and babbles and is just freaking adorable. I am just starting to feel as though I can handle it all. I think that has been the hardest part of this whole thing. I am a smart, capable woman, but I was not at all prepared for the craziness that is motherhood. Sure, a person could do this no problem on a full night's sleep, but mothers rarely, if ever, get that. I become more and more sleep deprived and then I become an anxious, insane person. Ace is sleeping better now, so I am sleeping better and we are all happier.
I went with Ace to get a bagel this morning and I saw a woman with a small baby. I asked her how old her baby was and she was five weeks. That was probably the beginning of the worst part for me. I saw that she wanted to talk, so I told her it would get better. She had a bunch of questions for me and then we exchanged info. Yay, I need more mom friends.

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