Monday, February 9, 2009

Is it Time?

I went to the mall today to walk with my mom since it has been raining here in Los Angeles off and on today. We hit Target first and I went to use the restroom. I saw what appeared to be a bloody tinge in my underwear but wasn't sure. Then we did a loop around the mall and ended up back in Target, so I used the restroom again and sure enough, there was a spot of blood. So I am thinking this might be part of the mucus plug? Maybe, please? Yesterday I was feeling really achy and at the end of my rope, today I have been feeling odd sensations off and on. I am hoping the end is near.
I am going to keep busy the rest of the day, putting odds and ends away and making the apartment as neat as possible, just in case I go into labor tonight.
We have been having sex to try to get things moving, however, so maybe that's what caused the blood? I don't know. I am just hopeful.
The crib mattress arrived today, so we are officially ready for this baby. Maybe I'll take some pictures of the nursery later tonight too.
The Le Bernadin episode of Top Chef was last week and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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