Tuesday, February 3, 2009

50% Effaced, 1 cm Dilated

That's what the doctor found today when he checked my cervix. And he could feel the baby's head through my cervix for the first time. I know that doesn't really mean anything, but I am hoping that it happens sooner than later. I am ready.
He also showed me on the ultra sound that the baby's head is 10.1 cm in diameter and suggested that I have the baby sooner, since I will have to dilate the extra .1 to fit the baby's head out through me. I asked if I had created this giant headed baby by eating too much and he reassured me that no, I didn't do it, that it is genetic. I said that made sense since my family has really big heads. He added, "and Mom gave birth vaginally, no problems, right?" which made me feel much better.
I am so happy that we switched doctors!
After my appointment I went to Whole Foods and bought red raspberry leaf tea and evening primrose oil because the Dr said they might work for inducing labor. He also mentioned walking, nipple stimulation and sex. I will try any and all of those! Although I am not quite sure how to accomplish the sex part. I'm sure B will have some ideas.
By tomorrow night I will definitely have the following finished: car seat installed, nursery art up, hospital bag packed.

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