Monday, July 14, 2008

Nothing New

I am about four days away from being ten weeks and continue to feel tired and nauseous. The nauseousness has calmed down a bit, but I am still not that interested in food until I have to put something into my stomach. I am convinced that I have a really fat stomach, but others tell me that I look the same and today my trainer asked it I had lost weight! Maybe next time at the Dr's I'll actually find out how much I weigh so I will be able to keep track of that on my own. I'm still fitting into my regular clothes.
I did, however, go out and buy four of these sport bras from the Gap because I had to start wearing a bra when I slept. I wore one for the first time last night and my comfort level was dramatically increased. It kept my poor breasts from hurting so much everytime I got up to use the bathroom.

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