Friday, July 18, 2008

Good Deed for the Day

Coming home just now I saw a dog alone in my street. I slowed down to see if he was wearing a collar and he started running after my car once I'd passed. He followed me into my garage and waited for me to get out of the car. At first I was hesitant, seeing how it was a strange dog and all, but then I saw that he was wearing a color and was clearly lost. I got out of the car and started talking to the dog to calm it down. Once I was out of the car, the dog didn't seem so interested in me and headed next door. I debated whether or not I had the ability to keep this dog for his owner - I have a very anti social cat who would not appreciate a dog being in the apartment. But I do have a balcony and this dog seemed so sweet. I followed the dog calmly, making sure not to chase him off and finally managed to get a hold of his collar and called the number on it. No one answered, but just when I was going to leave a message a large white car pulled up and shouted out, "Do you have a dog?" The women in the car were so relieved to have their dog back, I was very happy for them and the dog.
This is why I don't have a dog. They can be so much trouble. At the same time, however, my cat is not without issues. Last night I was woken up by the sound of said cat eating a mouse very loudly. He eats them bones and all and apparently they are quite crunchy. This is the second mouse meal in a week.

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