Wednesday, September 5, 2007


We went to Craft Los Angeles for B's birthday. We are big fans of Top Chef and were very interested in trying Craft when it came to LA. I was hoping that Tom Colicchio would be there last night, but he was not. That didn't put a damper on the evening at all, however, since the decor, service and food were all outstanding. As was the company. We had a really nice time.
The pacing of the dinner was great. It was one of those times when I felt that the restaurant was actually really happy to have us there and just wanted us to enjoy the meal. We never felt rushed and the very informed staff was happy to talk with us about the food and drinks they were serving. B was very happy with the evening, which made me happy. Thank you Craft!
It was a nice end to the three day weekend, which was unbearably hot. We went to S's house to escape the heat, since she has air conditioning. The heat finally broke and I was able to sleep last night. I still have sleep to catch up on from the blazing hot weekend, so I think I shall take a nap. Naps are a wonderful luxury!

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