Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sick Again!

Aargh!!! We just got back from the Dr yesterday where Ace was given a clean bill of health and then last night Ace woke up crying and upset and refused to be comforted and then when we finally decided to let him cry himself back to sleep he cried for so long that we knew something was not right. B took him outside and finally got him calmed down and back to sleep, but it was an ordeal. Today Ace woke up with a runny nose and coughing. I am beside myself. When will his immune system finally kick in? The Dr. told me that it will be fine and that Ace is just building up immunity and that kids who don't go through this in day care end up going through it in preschool or kindergarten, but it makes me worried. My sister in law ended up pulling her kids from day care because they got sick so often.
I just feel so bad for Ace. He clearly has a sore throat and is not happy. I just want him to feel well for longer than a week. He is such an amazing little person when he is feeling well. Plus, we head off on vacation with B's family this Sunday. I don't think they have seen Ace in good health since he was a tiny baby.
So frustrating!

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