Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Major Face Plant

Ace fell down today and about an hour later there were several angry red marks on his face. He kind of looks like he got in a fight. I didn't see the actual fall - I am a very bad parent and I left him to walk a few steps on his own while I carried his new car seat down the stairs and turned around to run back up and grab him. I looked up and he was happily making his way toward the stairs, I briefly looked down to head up the stairs and next thing I know, Ace is rolling on the ground crying. I heard a noise that I thought was his head hitting the metal banister, but I couldn't figure out how that happened. He stopped crying pretty quickly after I picked him up and I didn't notice any marks until later when we were leaving Costco. Poor little guy. This is normal, right? Toddlers like to practice walking and that means they will fall down a lot, right? I was not too terrible to leave him to himself for two seconds!
In other news, Ace has this adorable new thing he does. He grabs a book and puts in on the ottoman of the leather chair in the living room. Then he climbs up into the chair and settles himself, then he picks up his book, sighs a sigh of pleasure and begins reading to himself. I love it!
I think he is finally over teething and the horrible part of whatever cold he has had for three weeks. There is still snot, but he is sleeping so much better and is in such a great mood - except for when I lock him in the car with me while I install his new convertible car seat. Holy angry toddler.
But! He loves his new seat. He can see so much more. I don't think anyone can fit in my car besides me anymore, but whatever.

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