Friday, April 30, 2010

I Have a Toddler!

Today Ace became a walker! I had seen him take a few steps before and was encouraging him to be aware of it by asking him to move his feet when he's standing. Today he was standing and I said, "step, step, step!" and moved my feet. He giggled and took a few steps. I was thrilled, so he, of course, wanted to do it again.
The sad part is that B is on a business trip. So I ran to get the Flip so I could record the momentous event.
Another thing that happened today was that I squatted down by Ace's feet to tickle his toes while he was in his high chair and when he giggled, I looked up and saw a giant tooth coming through on his left upper gums. Wow, that explains the screaming and generally unpleasant behavior the last week or so. I am so glad that we gave him the infant Motrin those few times that we did. I kind of wish we'd given him more. It is quite the tooth! I am still rooting for his lower left to come in so that he can have an even four, instead of the three that he is sporting.
I took him by the day care center that he is starting on Tuesday and I was again so pleased by it. The teachers are so nice, the setting is relaxed and the children seem very happy. Ace took off from me to play and seemed right at home, so hopefully things will go well. I have to read through the parents' manual and buy whatever it is that Ace needs while he is there. I am also thinking of going to Target to buy some sweatpants and things like that so I won't care if what he wears gets ruined. I just read that Old Navy is having a sale, so maybe that is where I should go.

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