Thursday, June 11, 2009

Little Charmer

I have fell so much more in love with Ace lately. In the past couple of weeks he has really found his voice and has started laughing at random things. I could listen to his breathy little moaning sounds all day. He makes them when he sees something he likes and just makes them repeatedly for a little while. It is the cutest thing I have ever heard.
He is also into playing peekaboo, but with rules. I have to be popping out from behind a stationery object, no moving a blanket over and then away from my face. He doesn't get that.
He is also becoming a great grabber and can manipulate objects with his hands. I can't wait until he can pick up his pacifier and stick it back into his own mouth.
He is just darling. I just wish that he would stop hating the car seat so much. I don't think it's very safe for me to be driving with my arm back and my hand fishing for the pacifier so I can stick it in his mouth while he screams. I've done this in the fast lane of the 10. Bad mommy.

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