Thursday, June 25, 2009

Four Months

With four months comes something called the four month sleep regression. I read about it on, which is an excellent site for parents, in my opinion. I had heard that at four months babies' sleep gets a little crazy and that is definitely what is happening. I don't know if we are putting him down too early or if he is just developing so much that he can't sleep, but he is no longer a baby who wakes only to eat. He wakes up to eat, scream, fuss, smile at me, all of that. And then it takes a while to put him back to sleep. We are going to the doctor tomorrow, so I have a bunch of questions for her. Including, is it ok that Ace still wakes up to eat? I pretty much know that the answer to this is yes, babies sometimes don't sleep through the night until six months, but I have a book that says if your baby isn't sleeping through the night at four months you have a problem, and you caused it.
Four months has also brought rolling over. Ace rolls from his stomach to his back and seems to know when we want him to do it. He rolls over and lands with a smile on his face. Sometimes he gets too tired, however and whines between every attempt, but if he catches our eye, he will smile and try again. Such a sweet little guy (when he's not keeping me awake at 4 am). He rolls to his side from his back, bringing in his knees, but he has not flipped over yet.
Another new skill is grabbing. At first he was just grabbing for things held up for him, but now he focuses in on something that he wants and then starts going for it. The first time I noticed this he was in the sink taking a bath and I turned on the faucet. He stared at the water and then slowly reached his hand out to it, eventually putting his hand into the running water.

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