Monday, March 8, 2010

So Much has Happened...

I am trying to get back into this. Ace is now one and doing so much that is new - crawling, cruising, he can stand without help - but rarely does, he has seven teeth - four on top, three on the bottom. He is weaned. That happened because I got terrible food poisoning on my birthday and I just laid in bed moaning all weekend and didn't nurse at all. When I got up to pump eventually, I just knew that I was done. Ace didn't care at all. I had been cutting down on the number of feedings, so it wasn't completely cold turkey. I just switched morning and night nursings to bottles. Now we have to wean off the bottles, but I'm not worried about that. Ace might fuss, but he will get it.
He has a few words, too. I think he says "woof," I know he says "Ma Ma" but I'm not sure he knows it is me. Just yesterday he started saying "Ba Ba" and making more noises. He points at everything and wants to talk to you about what he is pointing at. He's gotten pretty good at sign language too. We mainly taught him signs for eating, so he signs milk, more and all done.
I have been looking for a job. I was offered one position, the catch being that the school board has to approve my salary in the next budget, so I am waiting to hear. I am applying for a charter school, but I have been warned that it might be too much work with a baby and planning for more babies. We'll see what happens.
All in all, things are good!

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