Thursday, March 20, 2008


I forgot my camera! So I have no photos. None. Oh well. I kind of didn't mind that I didn't have my camera because it is big and bulky and a pain to carry on a hike. But I don't have any photos. we need to buy a smaller camera.
We spent two nights at the Deer Haven Inn and Suites in Pacific Grove, CA. It was a very basic motel and if anyone was standing near the front door you could hear everything he said, but it had a fireplace and was pretty much clean and cheap, so it did the trick. Pacific Grove is between Monterey and Carmel, which was a perfect location.
We arrived on Sunday night and went to eat at the Monterey Fish House. We had been there before on our first trip to Monterey and B remembered the oak grilled oysters very fondly. Unfortunately they were out of oysters on Sunday night, so B ordered the baby octupi special and cioppino, both of which he loved. I had the special tuna steak, prepared blackened, which was excellent. B still wanted oysters, so we decided to come back then next night as well. The Monterey Fish House is small and always crowded. It is also understaffed, but the people are really nice and you can eat at the bar. I highly recommend it.
Monday morning we got up, ate the free breakfast at the hotel and then headed to Andrew Molera State Park for the eight mile hike loop. We had to cross the river on foot because the bridge doesn't go in until late Spring. It wasn't too bad and B had a towel, which made things easier. The hike was beautiful and not too strenuous, but still an excellent work out.
After the hike we tried to have burgers at the Big Sur Bakery, but it doesn't serve food on Mondays. So we headed to the Big Sur River Inn. The location was scenic, right along the river, and the weather was perfect for sitting out on the deck and eating. The food, however, was just okay and I couldn't use the lettuce they gave me with my burger because it had bugs on it! Yuck.
That night we ate again at the Monterey Fish House and B finally got his oysters. I had the tuna again. Yum.
We spent the next day wondering around Carmel. I love that town and would love to rent a place for the week there some Summer. That area is really one of my favorite places in the world. I love the hills, the cliffs, the ocean and the Cypress trees. Just gorgeous. I wonder how crowded it gets in the Summer.

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